Social Contribution

Hyosung Advanced Materials has continued its social contribution activities with a clear vision
and targets to build a CSE(Creating Social Eco-system). We will contribute in building a society
where all members can live together by providing practical help to stakeholders in need.
Social Contribution

CSR System

CSR Vision and Goals Hyosung Advanced Materials shall establish a CSE(Creating Social Eco-system) through providing necessary help to social
members based on communication and cooperation with the community and government, creating an environment where
vulnerable groups can become self-reliant, as well as business-related CSR activities that are mutually beneficial to
the members of the society.

CSR Strategy

  • 01 Provide continued necessary help rather than one-time events which are derived from communication with local stakeholders.
    • Changdeokgung Palace environmental conservation
    • Korean National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art sponsorship
    • Regional council operation for One Company-One Village
    • Voluntary community cleaning (One Company-One Trail)
    • Support physical examination for teachers who work in rural schools
    • Elementary school library remodeling
  • 02 Provide practical help for the independence of vulnerable social groups such as people with disabilities, the elderly, and people in poverty.
    • Monthly meal assistance in facilities for the disabled
    • Food sharing at a nursery orphanage in Ulsan
    • Wheelchairs inner-sheet donation for the disabled
    • Computer donation to vulnerable social groups
    • Children’s Day activities support for the disabled
    • Local orphanages sponsorship
  • 03 Promote business-related activities that can coexist with beneficiaries.
    • Carbon fiber artist sponsorship
    • Support for installment of heating system using carbon fiber at a local orphanage
    • Materials sponsorship for artists (i.e. airbags, technical yarn)
  • Future objectives include strengthening activities that correspond with the social contribution strategy of Hyosung Advanced Materials through initiatives such as "one-employee-one-volunteering," strengthening business-related activities, and reinforcing regional council activities.

CSR Activity

Activities for Local Community

Provide continued necessary help rather than one-time events which are derived from communication with local stakeholders.

Ulsan is helping Jangsangpo Elementary School with replacing old school walls, tree planting, cleaning gardens, and providing commuting buses through a sisterhood relationship.

Every year, the employees at the Ulsan plant visit Joongosan Village in Onyang-eup, a designated One site-One village community, and help the villagers out by planting and harvesting rice along with them. Since the establishment of the One site-One village sisterhood agreement with the village, we have been giving the villagers a helping hand every farming season.

HAMC strives to protect the ecosystem through activities to preserve and promote biodiversity at domestic and overseas business sites. Employees at headquarters regularly carry out Han River Plogging and marine ecosystem protection activities at Yongyu beach. Employees at Ulsan carries out 'One site-One river' environmental cleanup and activities to eradicate ecosystem-disrupting species. Jeonju employees regularly cleans neighboring areas as part of 'One site-One trail' activity. As a member of the local community, HAMC makes constant efforts for ecological conservation and biodiversity promotion.

Vietnam plant continues to provide various supports to the elderly living alone, children, and the Federation of the Blind in the local communities near the business sites. In 2021, we donated daily necessities and donations to more than 150 citizens in low-income class, 30 tons of rice to 3,000 households (worth approximately 1.8 Mil. KRW) resulting in more than 10,000 people to maintain basic nutrition.

Activities for the Vulnerable Social Group

Provide practical help for the independence of vulnerable social groups such as people with disabilities, the elderly, and people in poverty.

Since 2012, HAMC has been sponsoring Young Nak Anea’s Home, a residential facility for children with severe disabilities. Before COVID-19, employees visited the facility to help staff with serving meals each month, and held a sports day on the day of people with disability. In 2021, we sponsored the cost ofinstalling oxygen generators, and pulse oximeters in preparation for emergencies due to COVID-19.

Hyosung Advanced Materials has sponsored the "Vulnerable Women’s Employment Promotion Program" of the Jongno Women Resources Development Center since 2013 to help career-interrupted women, female breadwinners, and middle-aged women get a job. 200 women benefited from the program, and was employed as after-school teachers.

Hyosung Advanced Materials provides assistance to the economic independence of women, such as single mothers and those with career disruption abroad. Since 2021, we have sponsored the “Social Contribution Project to Support the Independence of Single Vietnamese Mothers” in Quangnam, where Hyosung Advanced Materials’ Vietnamese business site is located, in partnership with Korea Food for the Hungry Int’l.

Subsidiaries in China and Vietnam continue to provide assistance to the needy neighbors, such as the elderly, the disabled, and children in the community. We support the remodeling of the school library, camp activities, visit nursing homes, and give gifts on special days such as Children's Day and New Year's Day.

Business-related Sharing Activities

Promote business-related activities that can coexist with beneficiaries.

Hyosung Advanced Materials provides our yarn and textiles to artists as materials for their artworks. We also provide technical consulting of the materials (i.e properties) so that artists can fully realize their ideas into the work. We provide materials so that our materials can be used not only for products but also for various fields of art, contributing to the expansion and development of art.

Hyosung Advanced Materials has been sponsoring the work of artist Il-hoon Noh, who uses new materials such as carbon fiber and aramid to structure natural patterns, starting in 2018. In October 2019, we provided TANSOME® to Il-Hoon Roh as a material for the Rami Series presented at the 2020 Cheongju Craft Biennale.

Our Swan Carpet, a product made with specially processed nylon in high density has been donated as flooring materials for various exhibitions. We have sponsored Gwangju Biennale with Swan Carpet three times from the 12th exihibiton in 2019 to the 14th exhibition in 2023. We are contributing to creating a pleasant exhibition environment to support art exhibitions of domestic and international artists.

Jeonbuk Young Adult Job Camp is a program co-operated by HAMC, Jeonbuk Province, and the Jeonbuk Creative Economy Innovation Center to strengthen the employment capabilities of college students in Jeonbuk Province since 2020. In 2021, the second job camp was held, and a total of 89 students(56 online and 33 offline) participated for 3 days. The camp program included online-business etiquette, labor law, special lectures, offline self introduction coaching, image consulting, and moc-interviews.

CSR Performance and Value Measurement by Stakeholder

We evaluate the qualitative and quantitative performance of CSR activities using the process established by experts. After evaluating our CSR performance, we continue to improve the effectiveness of our CSR activities by transparently sharing the results with stakeholders.

CSR Activity
Performance in 2022

CSR Activity Performance in 2022
Category Unit Korea Overseas
Total participated employees Persons 772 109
Total volunteer hours Hours 1,171 345
Total donated amount Mil. KRW 790 224
Number of beneficiaries Persons 14,701 2,144
Total number of programs EA 38 34

Annual Social Value Creation by Key Stakeholders(2022)

(Unit: KRW 1,000)
Annual Social Value Creation by Key Stakeholders(2022)
Category CSR Activity Performance by Key Stakeholder Social Value Measurement
Disabled Support for rehabilitation/health care 341,880
Student Maintain academic performance and competency 279,670
Women Generate income for women with career gap 160,049
Low-income Class Support for minimum livelihood 745,767
Victims Support for minimum livelihood per family 166,000
Total 1,693,366