Safety & Health

Safety and health is a critical factor for the sustainability of Hyosung Advanced Materials.
We will strengthen our safety management organization and system and thus pursue
safety as a top priority not only for employees but also for the entire value chain.
Safety & Health

Safety & Health Vision

  • SHE Policy

    Safety, health, environment(SHE) being the basis of our business activities, Hyosung Advanced Materials established the SHE Policy for all global sites in respective languages to reflect the strong will and faith of the CEO to provide a healthy and safe working environment to all employees. The SHE Policy is informed to all our employees, partners, suppliers, sellers, and customers, encouraging them to participate in achieving safety and health goals.


Perfection for Human Safety & Comfort

Our aim is to provide an optimized solution that meets customer needs,
ensure a clean and safe environment, and shape the future.

  • Vision Zero accidents through safety and health-tailored activities for a healthy workplace
  • Strategy Goal
    • LTIFR less than 1.17
    • LTIFR (Korea) less than 0.35
    • Global employee health checkup rate: 100%
  • Strategic Direction

    Safety and Health Awareness-building

    • Increased participation and responsibility in safety and health
    • Enhancement of safety culture awareness campaigns
    • Customized training for the entire value chain
    • Strengthening safety partnerships

    Internalization of Safety and Health Management System

    • Enhancement of the safety and health management capability
    • Reinforcement of safety and health management system checks
    • Reinforcement of KPIs for supervisors and safety and health
    • Inspection of relevant laws and regulations
    • Overhaul of the safety and health process
    • Strengthening the inspection of domestic and overseas business sites

    Reinforcement of Safety and Health Risk Prevention

    • Acceptance of the roadmap for reducing serious accidents at workplaces
    • Settlement of risk assessment in the field
    • Special management for 3 major occupational accidents (falls, trips, and crashes)
    • Safety and health management by process
    • Safety and health management by facility
    • Reinforcement of safety and health inspections at domestic and overseas business sites


Hyosung Advanced Materials established the safety and health management system centered on the SHE Committee under the Sustainability Steering Committee organized by the CEO who directs safety and health-related matters. We newly appointed the Chief Safety Officer(CSO) alongside the Safety & Health Team to strengthen our safety management system one step further. Furthermore, we spare no effort to improve our expertise by deploying SHE experts at all business sites at home and abroad.
  • The highest governance body Board of Directors Deliberation and decision on strategies and agendas Review and proposal of agendas
  • Decision-making committee Sustainability Steering Committee Key performance check and improvement Report on issues
  • Committee SHE committee Performance check and improvement Report on progress
  • Dedicated department Safety and Health team
  • Working-level organization Working-level committee
    • Development
      • Technical Team, Marketing Team
      • New Business Team
      • Business Planning Team
      • R&D
    • Raw Materials
      • Purchasing Team
      • Quality Assurance Team
      • partners
    • Production
      • Environment and Safety (E&S) Team
      • Technical Team, Production Team
      • Power Generation Team
      • Management Team
    • Support
      • Sustainability Management Team
      • Business Management Team
      • Legal Compliance Team

SHE Committee

Hyosung Advanced Materials operates monthly SHE Committee meetings headed by the CSO and consisting of the Safety & Environment Team leader and safety & health managers. The SHE Committee was newly established under the Green Management Committee with the aim to boost the execution capacity of operational safety & health and apply the same safety & health system company-wide. Particularly, all safety and health inspections, both regular and special, conducted for each business sites at home and abroad as well as associated issues are reported to the SHE Committee. The SHE Committee deliberates and decides on safety & health strategies and activities. Matters discussed in the committee meetings are shared with all employees at home and abroad as part of training, thereby contributing to the improvement of the company's global safety and health capacity.

Occupational Safety and Health Committee

Hyosung Advanced Materials continuously keeps track of safety and health issues that require decision-making through regular meetings of the Occupational Safety and Health Committee between labor and management. In particular, by operating the working-level safety and health committee between hourly workers and management to resolve related complaints at the working site in a timely manner, we are building trust between two sides and creating a safe workplace.

Safety and Health Management System

Hyosung Advanced Materials puts safe and healthy work environment as top priority. We continuously engage in prevention and improvement activities to systematize safety and health management tasks, as well as quantify various management indicators, thereby enhancing the level of safety and health of our employees and stakeholders. We plan to acquire certification of safety and health management systems in domestic and overseas business sites to constantly advance our safety and health standard.
Safety and Health Management System
Report Inspection Result to the SHE Committee after Regular Safety Check Supervised by Plant Manager
Implementation and Improvement of Safety and Health Work Manual
Workplace Identification of Risk Factor by Process Identification of Risk Factor by Facility
All workers including Supplier Analysis of Work Pattern by Task Identification of Hazards by Handling Materials
Technical Team Risk assessments across all departments
  • Risk Analysis & Planning
  • Risk prevention and regular inspection
  • Operation & Improvement of Health and Safety Facilities
  • Education & Training of Health and Safety
  • Operation & Consultation of Health Promotion Program
Industrial safety and health committee activity Grievance handling team activity Operation of Health Management room and counseling room
  • Prevention of safety accident
  • Health promotion of executives and employees
  • Minimization of Human and Material Loss
Internalization of safety and health management system
Accident-free business site
Safety and health officer at each business site
Matters discussed at the SHE Committee are reported to the SSC, and major issues are deliberated and resolved

SHE Culture

SHE Culture Building

Hyosung Advanced Materials lays a foundation for the internalization of safety and health to spread the "Safety First" culture by supporting the establishment of safety regulations of each site and encouraging employees to write a safety commitment letter.
SHE Culture Building
10 Essential Safety rules in Hyosung Advanced Materials Ulsan plant
  • 5 Do s
    • Wear appropriate protective equipment
    • Safety compliance
    • Concentration measurement of harmful gas /oxygen in confined spaces
    • Place a fire extinguisher in the workplace
    • Fall prevention at high work places
  • 5 Don’t s
    • Do not use smartphones while working
    • No voluntary release of safe mechanisms
    • No speeding in the workplace
    • No smoking other than in designated places
    • Do not stand/move below heavy objects

Operation of Safety Awareness Programs

Hyosung Advanced Materials operates a variety of on-site programs for the safety awareness of our employees. Regular safety trainings for hourly workers are provided before work. The supervisor delivers safety work procedures as well as health & safety compliance to the workers based on work standards, potential risk assessment results as well as accident cases. Safety culture survey is conducted every year upon during which any discovered shortcomings is reflected to the safety management plan.

  • Raising Awareness of Office Workers

    Non-face-to-face safety training for employees working at the headquarters(quarterly)

  • Way-to-work Campaign

    Joint campaigns by site supervisors and line leaders

  • Workplace Tour Campaigns

    Customized campaigns using accident statistics by safety sectors

  • On-site Newsletter

    Posting of safety & health related information

  • Safety Leaflet to Visitors

    Distribution of safety & health compliance requirements and evacuation tips

Building Safety & Health Competency

Hyosung Advanced Materials ensures a safe workplace by improving awareness of employee safety. In addition to safety training, we conduct various initiatives like campaigns and improvement activities to prevent serious accidents by instilling the "Safety First" culture among our employees. In accordance with the annual safety and health training plan, we provide regular safety and health training to all employees at each business site once a month. We also provide additional safety training to the supervisors as well as other necessary training such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR) and hazardous materials management to employees working in the respective field. We encourage the employees of our suppliers to join the training courses, especially in safety and hazardous materials management, so as to prevent any accident and ensure safety at the sites.

Safety & Health Awareness Cultivation

Hyosung Advanced Materials distributes a list of safety and health issues and statuses weekly to encourage safety and health management among employees as well as all workers at our business sites. We publish newsletters containing amended safety and health laws and quarantine rules, and we select a theme every week so that employees continue to participate in the SHE culture diffusion program through promotional activities.

Safety Management

TOP Patrol

Hyosung Advanced Materials conducts company-wide workplace safety and health inspections under the supervision of PU Presidents and Plant Managers in order to preemptively cope with workplace accidents that may occur in the production lines.
Plant managers, department managers and supervisors carry out safety inspections for key assets within plants, and the status of response in the event of an accident. Also, staffs of the Safety & Environment Team and members of The Occupational Safety and Health Committee from labor union also participate in the inspection to enhance effectiveness. We also check the employees’ status of health during certain season such as the summer heat wave. As such, we actively encourage our employees to be aware of environmental safety, fire awareness, and health care so that they make efforts to prevent accidents and disasters. After the inspection, identified issues and areas for improvements are reported to SHE Committee.

Voluntary Safety & Health Management Activities

Health and safety management activities are carried out by production departments so that safety culture is widespread in the workplace. In cooperation with the Safety Environment Team, each operational department finds risk factors through self-control safety inspection and carries out improvement activities after selecting a safety and health inspection theme that is suitable for its condition and characteristics. In addition, when a safety accident occurs, the head of the corresponding department immediately reports the details of the accident in accordance with the manual, and the plant manager establishes fundamental safety measure. Furthermore, we prevent similar accidents by sharing details and safety measure about the accident with other plants and business sites.

Policy to Secure Employee Safety

Based on our safety management regulations, Hyosung Advanced Materials obligates the wearing of protective equipment distributed by the company throughout the production and construction processes. All employees, including suppliers, regardless of their affiliation with production and construction activities are subject to this policy. We guide them about mandatory wearing in areas where they require protective equipment such as hard hats, gas masks, industrial masks, earplugs, face shields, safety glasses, and heat-resistant gloves, and we monitor the wearing of protective equipment on a regular basis. In case a violation occurs, we give warnings to the violator, guide him or her to wear protective equipment, and request improvement measures from the violator’s head of the department so that the violator may diagnose and improve risk factors.

Win-win Program and Safety & Health Representatives’ Meeting

Hyosung Advanced Materials promotes workers’ safety through the win-win programs for both our employees and the employees of suppliers. We evaluate our suppliers' efforts to improve risks and engage in the programs once a year. Also, an annual satisfaction survey is carried out to make improvements to the win-win programs. We also host a safety and health representatives' meeting to identify major issues based on importance and urgency and discuss solutions whose results are shared with the SHE Committee.

  • Regular Safety Meeting / Monthly

    Sharing technical guidance by external specialists, safety technology, regulations

  • Joint Safety & Health(S&H) Inspection / Weekly

    Discovering risk factors and check improvement performance

  • S&H Training / Monthly

    Safety training for representatives and safety personals of suppliers

  • Health Promotion Business Monitoring / Monthly

    Monitoring the operation progress

  • S&H Inspection Evaluation / Monthly

    Safety performances reflecting to supplier safety evaluation

  • Monitoring of Risk Management Implement / Biannual

    Monitoring of high risk factors improvement and risk impacts

  • Regular Supplier Inspection / Biannual

    Checking legal compliance regarding S&H & health and monitoring on improvement status

  • Supplier Interview / Frequently

    Interview with the suppliers’ CEOs and supervisors regarding safety & health issues

Health Management

Reinforcement of Occupational Health System

Hyosung Advanced Materials aims at establishing an advanced Occupational health system through frequent inspections and management of the working environment and prevention activities against infectious diseases.

  • Work Space Management

    • Musculoskeletal disorders management program

    • Test on musculoskeletal disease and guide how to exercise

    • Conduct health counseling with musculoskeletal disease potential patient and guide how to exercise

    • Confined workspace management program

    • Hearing preservation program

    • Conduct hearing protection program and follow-up examination on employees with (or concerned with) hearing problems.

    • Installation of noise barriers in workplaces with high noise levels and provision and wearing of protective equipment such as ear plugs and earmuffs

  • Infectious Disease Prevention Activities

    • Setting and notice infectious disease guidelines

    • Alarming real-time disease information

    • Check body temperature of visitors entering all sites

    • Recommendation of online working/meeting

  • Health Checkup

    • Health checkups for employees and spouses

    • Annual special health checkups for employees who work in processes
      subject to work space assessment

    • On-site medical & health care center operation

Employees Health Promotion Program

Hyosung Advanced Materials conducts various activities to promote the health of employees. We operate health counseling services via operating an on-site medical and health care center. We identify root causes and carry out corrective and preventive measures through trend analysis of health checkup results and work-related accidents, injuries, and diseases. We also have relaxing and breastfeeding rooms for dedicated for employees who are pregnant or need breastfeeding.

  • Musculoskeletal Disease Prevention Program

    • Various types of exercise equipment such as massager, paraffin for finger joint pain, and pilates equipment in possession

    • Rehabilitation programs for those who recovered from musculoskeletal disorders and returned to work

    • Facility improvement: Support for installing bars for shoulder and waist relaxation, and support for installing footrests for workers who suffer from shoulder pain when packing due to small heights

  • Health Fund Program

    • Operated to enhance the motivation of employees of Hyosung Advanced Materials and suppliers who want to quit smoking or exceed a certain BMI level, and to prevent diseases for health management

  • Healthcare Center and Fitness Center

    • Operation of healthcare facilities and guiding employees of Hyosung Advanced Materials and partners on how to improve their health and release work stress at an external fitness center

Stress Management

Hyosung Advanced Materials provides the "HAMC HYU" service, an integrated psychological support program that helps employees live stress-free life by curing various mental issues triggered by several reasons. For those who find psychological consultation unfamiliar, we subdivide consultation topics into 40, conduct a survey for them to check their own state, and provide detailed information on how they can be benefited through the sessions. As part of our effort to support a happy life at work, we provide an online mental health test that identifies the psychological health level and culprit of work stress. At the Ulsan Plant, job-related stress training and anonymous survey take place, and the survey results(employee stress index) are shared as well. Those with high job stress are eligible to receive free psychological treatments and counseling with on-site health managers or outside specialists at the Ulsan Workers' Health Center or Ulsan Mental Health Welfare Center.

Safety and Health Risk Management

Workplace Safety & Health Risk Assessment and Management

Hyosung Advanced Materials operates both regular and irregular safety and environmental risk assessments to identify potential direct and indirect risk factors in all processes at business sites as well as support activities of the plant in order to manage crucial risk factors and hazards. In addition to the managing existing processes, facilities, utilities, and chemical substances, we conduct inspections for on-site work and work safety reviews in case of changes in work standards.

  • Periodic Risk Assessment

    • Annual risk assessment for all employees/department

  • Process Risk Assessment

    • Conduct production process risk assessment for hazardous
      processes(PSM processes) of fire, explosion, and leakage accidents

  • Occasional Risk Assessment

    • In case of processes where accidents have occurred

    • In case of processes where new/expanded

Emergency Response System

Hyosung Advanced Materials has established environment & safety emergency scenarios to promptly notify an emergency situation across the company and ensure all departments and sectors to respond systematically to minimize the damage. Scenarios and an emergency contact system are maintained and regularly updated. Reporting and notification formats are preorganized in advance to enable quick response in case of emergency. The manual contains scenario-based guidelines for various environmental accidents and natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, and heavy rains. For fire accidents, additional facilities and processes have been set to be able to effectively extinguish the fire at early stage. In particular, we are conducting emergency response drills such as emergency evacuation, worker rescue and fire drills in preparation for fire situations in cooperation with related organizations. We also prepared restoration measures for the aftermath of situation to ensure rapid recovery from damage.

Safety First Policy

Hyosung Advanced Materials introduced the Safety First Policy to all domestic business sites so that employees and workers of business partners can directly demand safety improvement from supervisors before or during work that is in violation of the serious accident prevention management. We endeavor to minimize safety and health risks by guiding workers to resume the task after the supervisor reviews the on-site action and reports the event to the Safety & Environment Teams.